Olim Fund of the Galilee
March 2004 Report

March 2004

Shalom Dear Contributors and friends of the Olim Fund,

We continue to rejoice in your generosity and the great blessing of your outreach to our Olim families who are hurting here in the Land. The donations this month again topped $10,000, most of which have already been distributed as reported in detail below. For the first time we are able to carry over some funds to be used for emergency requirements that may occur before our next formal meeting.

By way of a monthly update:

1. Our application to make the Fund, operating under the new name of "the Olim fund of Israel" continues to await formal governmental approval which we are again assured is only a formality and will soon be forthcoming. This in no way is impeding our operations which will continue on a cash basis until we finally wade through the governmental paper mill.

2. The first edition of my DVD college level teaching developed for Faith Seminary and the general Christian Church entitled "The Jewish Origins of Christianity" to be mass marketed by Sid Roth of Messianic Vision has just been shipped to Sid Roth and to our distributor in Mt. Vernon, WA (see our web site: www.olimpublicatons.com where it can be ordered for $49.95. For those wishing to get fully accredited and transferable college credit for the course, Faith Seminary has agreed to provide this service for less than half the cost of their regular tuition.

3. I am very pleased to announce that Nirit Zagofsky has now joined us as our volunteer office manager. PTL! Nirit brings to the Fund a wealth of experience and capability in this area and she has already been a great blessing in helping us rise to an ever growing administrative requirement.

Following is the report of distributions for March 2004.

With love and blessings,

Bob Fischer



Family Size
Monthly Income
Overview of Situation Funded








An administrative error has resulted in this elderly woman’s monthly allowance being cut off for two months. As a result, she is about to be removed from her apartment because of non payment of rent.




Nazareth Illit


As above, this same administrative error has led to this single mother of a seven year old to loose her government support for two months. She is desperately looking for work and struggling to meet the barest of survival needs. She has been threatened with eviction from her apartment and all utilities are about to be shut off.




Nazareth Illit


This family is struggling to survive on a marginal income and is unable to take care of even the most urgent of dental treatment needs of their two pre-teen age children.






This recently widowed pensioner is struggling to provide urgently needed medical care for her seriously ill, unemployed, adult daughter.






Divorced mother of a teenager is physically disabled and thus unable to work. Her governmental support is insufficient to meet more than the barest of survival needs.  This gift is to provide them with a long needed refrigerator.