Olim Fund of the Galilee
June 2005 Report

Shalom Dear Ones,

I have just returned from the post office where, thanks to your faithful support and concern, I was able to mail twelve checks to our most needy olim families. Our monthly distributions represented in these checks total $6,806 and you can be assured that through this outreach you have blessed Israel and these new citizens greatly. On behalf of the Board of Directors and of course, these families, it is my joy to extend to you my heartfelt thanks.

Every month we normally recieve thankyou letters from some of our recipients, and owing to my own lack of technical skills I have not been sharing these with you in the past. Thus, if you will bear with me, attached is one such letter albeit upside down and 100% zoomed, by making a couple of adjustments at your end, you should be able to read it with little trouble. In this case, we provided 3,500 Shekels against a requirement of 15,000 but we are assured that this will at least get Faina started on the way to recovery from her grave situation. You made this possible and it is You whom Faina is thanking with her sweet letter.

I am pleased to anounce that Ruth Nessim from Naharia has joined our Board and attended her first meeting with us last evening.
Ruth and her husband, Albert, are very long term olim from the United Kingdom and they are lovely, deeply ministry involved Jewish believers.

Please find our monthly report attached.

Again, our deepest thanks for your continued faithfulness in supporting the critically needed outreach.

In the love of Yeshua,

Bob Fischer.



Family Size


Monthly Income

Overview of Situation Funded






Kibbutz Natsuba



This divorced mother of a teenager is permanently confined to a wheel chair due to an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery. She has been supplementing her very low government support by taking in laundry, however very old battery powered “go cart” has now completely quit and must be replaced. A new unit costs approximately $4,000. She is looking for a used unit in the $2,500 price range. This gift is to help her in this effort.











This family has two children with very serious learning disabilities. The youngest of these is undergoing expensive evaluation testing to determine how best to proceed. The government does no help to offset this expense, hence the family has taken on a huge obligation that is well beyond their means to fund. Additionally, they are in great need of dental care which, in the case of the husband, is reaching a crisis status.











This elderly couple who survive on a very low government pension were, after a wait of many years, allocated a low cost government provided apartment. However, their current lease does not expire for four months and their landlord insists that they complete their contract with him. Thus, they must immediately move into the new apartment or lose it and find themselves paying for two apartments.  This gift is to help them deal with this short term burden.











This large family has been living in a very sub-standard crowded tenement and has found a replacement apartment that is within their financial means. However, they need help with moving expenses to make this badly needed relocation.










This recently 45 year old mother with four teenage children living at home has fallen behind in rent payments and is threatened with eviction. Government support for her rent payment has not yet started and will likely not begin for another two months. The children also need school supplies and tuition support.






This single man has been living with and supporting his eighty one year old mother who is not eligible for government assistance (His father was Jewish). He recently lost his job and government support will not begin for at least another two months. In the interim, as he desperately seeks another job, they have absolutely no means of support.







The head of this family lost his job and has not yet begun to receive government help. His wife works part time, but even so, they are hard pressed to meet the needs of their large family and have fallen behind in their rent and utility payments.










This 34 year old mother of three young children was recently abandoned by her common law husband who refuses to provide any level of support for his family. She is suing him but the highly tenuous, likely to fail court case will not be heard until December. In the mean time, she and the children have no way beyond a very small government payment, to meet even their basic survival needs.







This 39 year old epileptic was recently hit by a car resulting in an exacerbation of her epilepsy. She is also suffering from several other medical problems and is constantly in pain. Given her very low government stipend, she is unable to pay for her many required medicines and has fallen behind in her rent and other obligations.







This pensioner couple is beset by serious problems. He is a total invalid who will soon require open heart surgery and who is now in need of medications beyond their ability to provide for themselves. Consequently, she, at age 69, is seeking any kind of employment to help offset these rising additional costs.






This recently divorced mother of a teenager suddenly discovered that the city tax on their apartment has not been paid for two years resulting in a huge financial  problem well beyond her means to resolve as she attempts to restructure her new life as the head of the family.






This 79 year old widow lives alone and has recently been falling down. In the process she has broken both arms and is totally incapacitated. Much of her meager government stipend is going to pay for non-government supported medical treatment.









Total monthly distributions



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