Olim Fund of the Galilee
June 2006 Report

Shalom Dear Friends and Supporters of the Olim Fund of the Land of Israel,

Wow! This has been another banner month for your Fund! Praise God for His continued increase in both our donor base and corresponding request for assistance base. For the second month in a row, last evening our Board was able to distribute more than $10,000 among 15 families scattered from a small outpost in Judea (also know as the "West Bank") to the currently Kassam rocket ground zero of Ashdod and many other places from the far north to the far south.

My deep personal heartfelt thanks to each of you who has made this outreach possible.

It is so interesting to note month to month trends in our outreach. June's focus seems to have been to a large extent upon abandoned mothers with small children who have been left to fend for themselves in this extremely difficult environment. The economic, social, religious, terrorist and other myriad family pressures here in the Land have already taken a terrible toll upon many marriages and continue to constantly threaten others. I urge you to pray for our olim families who are struggling to survive here in the land of their inheritance at virtually every level.

I am delighted to announce that Tamara Silverman has taken over the volunteer position as office manager for our increasing administrative requirements. Tamara, who comes to us from Ecuador, recently became a member of our Board. She, her husband and six children are a shining example of what Aliyah is all about.

Please find the details of our monthly distribution in the attached report. As you read each of these situations that you helped to resolve, I again urge you to pray for these dear ones as they look ahead to the challenges of tomorrow.

Each of you can be take a bit of rightful pride in what you have accomplished here in the Land this month.

Again, the heartfelt thanks of our Board and of each of these dear ones whom you have so generously blessed.

With love and many blessings,

Bob Fischer

Olim Fund of the Land of Israel

Monthly distributions for June, 2006


Family Size


Monthly Income

Overview of Situation Funded





This recently divorced mother of a teenager is unemployed and being supported by a marginal government stipend. She has now missed two mortgage payments and is threatened with foreclosure. She is also behind in her utility payments and these services are about to be terminated.






This divorced couple recently got back together and are working to restore their marriage but in the process he gave up his job in Eilat and in not eligible for unemployment. He is desperately looking for work as the family is literally begging for their daily food. They are also facing eviction and termination of utility services.




Nazareth Illit


This single mother of a teenager is buying an apartment that is in great need of repair. The roof has been increasingly leaking for the past two years and has caused serious damage to her furnishings. Her son’s bed has been completely destroyed and needs to be replaced. She cannot afford either the roof repairs of a replacement bed.






This mother of a 7 month and an 18 month old was recently abandoned by her husband and is now being supported by her parents. She is legally obligated to close out the rental contract on her former residence of face prosecution. Her parents will cover this expense, but in doing so are unable to meet the basic survival needs of their now greatly extended family.




Tel Aviv


This family is usually able to survive on the salary of its head. However. Two months ago, his employer was unable to meet payroll obligations and he simply skipped paying his employees for one full month. There is no indication when or even if this payment will finally be made. In the meantime, this large family is threatened with termination of their utility services and has fallen behind one month in their rent payment.




Kiriat Motzken


This family is unable to meet the one time payment of three months rent up front to renew their rental lease because the mother jut gave birth to their third child and had to give up her job. Maternity leave is generally unheard of in Israel.






This late middle aged couple who reside in Israel’s latest war zone is marginally surviving. However, their ancient refrigerator recently quit and they cannot afford to replace this essential appliance.






This 84 year old widower has been deaf and dumb since birth. His health recently failed and he has needed to buy expensive medications that have depleted most of his pension, leaving little or no money for food and other survival needs.




Bney Aish


The husband of this young couple was the single source of income until he recently lost his job and is not eligible for unemployment assistance. She is a student at Tel Aviv University where she is struggling to continue her preparation for a career that will offset their current financial crisis. Their immediate need is for food and an overdue tuition payment.






The mother of seven “stair stepped” children has developed an extreme case of varicose veins in both legs and requires expensive laser surgery which is not provided by the government. She is almost totally incapacitated and in considerable chronic pain. The father works at a menial job and there is no money left over to meet even a part of this urgent medical need. Our gift represents about 30% of the requirement and they are seeking further assistance from all other potential sources.






This single mother of an eight year old was abandoned by her former husband when she was pregnant. Since then she has received marginal government support but is now on the brink of having all of the furniture in her apartment repossessed by a court order that would have been implemented in one week. She has also fallen behind in both her rent and utility payments. This gift will resolve her current crisis.





Maale Adumim


The husband of this middle aged mother of a teen age son abandoned his family and moved to New York where he has joined an ultra orthodox sect. Thus, she is in the process of moving to a much less expensive apartment and otherwise making severe adjustments to her former life style. This gift will help her meet moving and other related expenses.




Maale Efriam


This single mother of two works part time as a house cleaner. She recently broke one of her feet and will be unable to work for several weeks. This gift is to help her meet survival level needs during this period of unemployment.






The mother in this middle age family is chronically ill and unable to work.

Her husband is about to undergo major surgery and will be out of work for several weeks. Thus, they will be unable to pay the rent, utilities and meet other survival needs. This gift is to help them through this period of financial crisis.




Kiriat Haim


This very new immigrant with a teenage son has become seriously ill but needs to wait more than six months to see a government funded specialist. She can see a private doctor immediately but does not have any financial resources to meet this expense. At them moment, much of their very small government assistance goes to pay for her expensive medications and there is almost no money left over for food and other survival level expenses.

This gift will fund her initial visit with a private specialist and two months medications.








Total monthly gifts




Copyright 2003 by Raymond Robert Fischer