Olim Fund of the Galilee
November 2002 Report

November 11, 2002

Dear Donor to the Olim Fund of the Galilee,

Shalom, and greetings from Tiberias!

Last evening, I had the honor and privilege of chairing the meeting of our Board of Advisors whereat on one hand we had the joyful opportunity to distribute funds as we felt the Lord was leading to those of our olim who were in the greatest financial peril. On the other hand, we had the agonizing experience of having to say "no" to so many others who were in need and crying out for help.

Here are the situations that we were called to deal with this month:

· For an unmarried young woman, who is terribly debt, unemployed and facing a very uncertain future. She owns no winter shoes to wear during the upcoming rainy season. You bought her a pair.

· A family with four children, one of whom has a crippling disease, received a payment from the government which they were told was to offset some of the medical requirements needed to deal with this situation. After the money was already spent for this purpose, the government demanded that the money be refunded since they had made the payment in error. The family is desperate and struggling to survive. You helped them by paying half of this demanded repayment.

· One single mother with two children living at home was unable to meet short term needs to put the minimum of required food on the table for her family. You provided enough help to meet this need for about a month.

· An unmarried olim has a severe dental problem and no financial means to deal with it. She is in constant pain and is crying out for help. You funded a preliminary examination by a local dentist who is anxious to work with the Olim Fund to help our people. We are praying that additional funding will become available to meet her treatment needs.

· A head of a family with three small children who had a good job in construction has been unemployed for a month and has no money available to meet the short term very basic needs of his family. You funded their very minimum requirements for one month until his unemployment payments begin at some time in the future. The governmental agency that handles unemployment payments is on strike and no payments have been made for several weeks and no end is in sight.

· A new olim family with a monthly income of $589 has no stove, table, closets or living room furniture. You bought them a gas stove .

· You bought yet another gas stove for a family with two small children that has been surviving without one for eight years. Their total monthly income is just enough to pay the rent and provide food of the most basin kind.
I am about to embark on a speaking tour to Arizona, Washington State and British Columbia. I will be speaking in various congregations about Israel and you can be certain that I will do my best to promote further interest in our outreach to this very great and growing need among our new immigrants to Israel.

I would like to invite you to visit our new web site at
WWW. OLIMPUBLICATIONS.COM. I will see that this report is posted there along with other information about the Olim Fund of the Galilee.

Finally, my deep and profound thanks for your continuing support of this outreach to my people who have answered God's call and who now are struggling to remain in the land of their inheritance.

May the Lord God of Israel bless you all in many and great ways.

With love in Yeshua,

Bob Fischer

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Copyright 2002 by Raymond Robert Fischer