Olim Fund of the Galilee
December 2005 Report

December, 2005

Dear friends of the Olim Fund of the Land of Israel,

Happy New Year!

Our Board started out the new year with a joyful "bang" last night when we were able to allocate funds for twelve different very urgent situations, including the horrific life struggle of a survivor of seven bullet wounds inflicted point blank by a Palestinian terrorist. I am sure you will find the details of this situation heart rending as will you also both grieve and rejoice at the other families we were able to help this month, thanks to your devoted and generous support.

The first of our big news items this month is our new separately funded central point of contact employee, Yakov Dolinsky. Yakov replaces Shmuel Zuker who sadly had to return to the United States due to health reasons.

Yakov is truly a gift from God and a perfect person for this demanding job. He is tri-lingual, has completed four years of post graduate training, is a pastor of a congregation in Nazareth Illit---I could go on and on about this guy. We are thrilled to have him on board.

My next big news item is the publication of my fifth book, a biblical historical novel of Yeshua, Israel and the Early Church entitled, The Door Where it Began. This book speaks, in part, to what I am certain was the very first Gentile Christian Church in the world, a pre-Pauline early first century exciting reality in nearby Hippos in the Decapolis. The main theme of this novel is unity in the Body. Its characters span two millennia and eventually come together in what I hope you will find both interesting and compelling ways.

Most of the first printing of the 356 page work will arrive at our distributor's late this month or in early February. The retail price of this book is $16. If you would like a copy I would like to make it available to friends of our Fund at an introductory price of $10 plus $4 shipping from California. As you may know, all profit from my writings and teachings are donated to the Fund.

If you would like to pre-order any number of copies please make a note that you are a "Friend of the Olim Fund" with your order and submit it with your personal check or money order to:

Olim Publications of California
1725 Aston Place,
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Tel.(916) 939-1519
e-mail: [email protected]

With many thanks and blessings in Yeshua,

Bob Fischer

Olim Fund of the Land of Israel

Monthly distributions for December 2005


Family Size


Monthly Income

Overview of Situation Funded





This single woman has been without teeth for three years and has been gumming her food. As a result, among other health problems, she is suffering from severe gum disease. This gift is to partly fund her large dental expenses.






Due to unforeseen large medical expenses, this family has been unable to pay for their utility and school expenses. The electric company is on the brink of terminating their connection which is their only source of heating.






This unemployed couple with four very young children are expecting their fifth child. The head of the family lost his job due to a cutback and he is not yet receiving unemployment payments. As a result, they are unable to meet current payments for rent, utilities, school and are even struggling to put food on the table.




Ephriam  (Samaria)


The head of this large family was the victim of a drive-by terrorist attack wherein he sustained and miraculously survived seven gunshot wounds fired at him point blank. However, he has been left paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk. He is now in a government training program to learn a new profession, however, the large family is unable to survive on the government stipend and needs help until he is finally able to work again.






This young woman with four children is struggling to survive on a government stipend while her husband serves a long term in prison.

Her government aid barely covers her rent and utilities payments and she is not able to provide adequate food, clothing and other needs of her large family.






This young, single mother with an infant is unable to find more than part time employment as a nurse. Accordingly, she is on the brink of having all her utilities terminated and has been threatened with eviction.






This dual part-time employed couple was doing well until their daughter and two infant grandchildren moved back home after being deserted by their drug addicted husband/father. They desperately need a clothes dryer and have fallen behind in their mortgage payments due to the added financial strain of their greatly expanded home family




Nazareth Illit


This young family includes two dependent grandmothers in poor health. The mother is recovering from breast cancer surgery and is currently in radiation treatment and is not yet able to resume working. Accordingly, they have fallen behind in rent and utility payments and are struggling to survive.




Katzrin (Golan)


This marginally surviving family is in need of a mattress for the mother as well as help in other basic requirements.




Q. Motzkin


The mother lost her job eight months ago and is till not receiving help from the government. The father is working 72 hours a week but his wages are insufficient to meet the basic needs of the family.




Q. Motzkin


This part-time employed single mother with a teenager will begin full time work later this year, but is not now able to meet current basic survival expenses. This gift is to help with current food and utility payments.






This young family in ministry survives on sparse donations. He is being treated for Crone’s disease and requires an expense imported medicine that eats up much of their income.







Total monthly gifts




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