Olim Fund of the Land of Israel


Monthly distributions for February, 2010



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Kiriyat Shmona



This couple in their early 40’s with a 15 year old son have a severe problem. The wife is 74% and receives a small pension from the government. Two years ago, when her husband was informed that his employment was terminated, the shock of this caused him to have a serious heart attack, leaving him also disabled and unable to work. At some point, hopefully soon, he too will receive a small stipend, but in the meantime they are unable to meet even the barest level of survival living. This gift will provide their basics needs for one month.










The 54 year old head of this family lost his factory job when the company failed 2 ˝ years ago. He finally found work as a “care giver” in the far distant city of Beit Arot where he spends six weeks and returns to spend just Shabbat with his own family. His long period of unemployment put them in a dire situation. This gift will cover one month’s mortgage payment that is long overdue as well as some utility payments.










This single 55 year old man finally just found a new job after more that a year of unemployment. He was evicted from his apartment and has been living temporarily with a friend. This gift will pay the first month’s rent in his new apartment.






This 64 year old widow underwent a full knee replacement. A year later, she fell, seriously damaging the prosthesis that needed to be replaced in a second procedure not covered by her insurance. She has managed to pay all but 20% of the amount still owed and the hospital is leaning on her heavily. This gift will cover the remaining balance due.










This couple in their early 50’s have nine children, seven of whom are living at home. Both parents and all of the children have had no dental care

and all are suffering from pain causing dental problems. The Board determined to allocate $826 (in escrow) per month for as long as is needed to meet their most severe pain causing problems to be determined on a priority basis by a dentist who is working with us for very low cost care.













This 54 year old single man from Peru lives with his parents who are in their 80’s. Because of language difficulties he was swindled by his previous landlord into legally being required to continue paying property tax on his previous apartment that he was forced to vacant before the end of his contract, even though there is another enter now occupying the property. This gift will resolve the problem and avoid litigation.









This 60 year old woman is totally disabled and under the full time services of a “care giver.” The government retains all but the $220 shown as her income from which she must purchase all personal items including food.

She has protested this small stipend which may or may not eventually be increased. This gift will provide temporary relief of her situation.







Total Distributions