Olim Fund of the Land of Israel


Monthly distributions for March-April, 2010



Family Size


Monthly Income

Overview of Situation Funded








This 57 year old woman has been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor for five years. She is now totally disabled and wheel chair bound. She requires around the clock nursing care, 18 hours of which is provided by her government insurance. Her husband, a long distance truck driver cares for her at night when he is at home. During those times when he is on the road the monthly cost that falls upon them is $650, 1/3 of their income.

This gift will cover one month of this additional expense.









This pensioner couple in their mid 70’s support their 53 year old disabled son who lives with them. The mother is severely depressed and under treatment for a variety of medical conditions. The father is struggling with cancer. The mother is in need of extensive dental care that is well beyond their means to deal with and she is in constant pain. This gift will help deal with her urgently required dental care.









This 36 year old new immigrant couple arrived in Israel from the Ukraine just six months ago and they have been in language training all this time and thus have up to now subsisted from their small government stipends.

She recently gave birth to their second child and thus is unable to immediately seek employment. He just went to work as a truck driver last week and will receive his first salary in a month. This gift is to cover their first two months rent at which point they will become marginally self supporting.










This 53 year old mother of six teen agers has just filed for divorce several months after her husband abandoned his family and has refused reconciliation. During this period her has provided no support for his family and they have fallen into a desperate financial situation. The court is expected to compel him to pay her sufficient alimony to survive marginally. This gift will help meet their immediate school tuition, rent and food requirements.






Beer Sheva



This 38 year old mother of two toddlers works as a nurse . She has recently filed for divorce from her husband who abandoned the family and left her with numerous unpaid bills that needed urgent attention. Thus, she borrowed money from the hospital with the understanding that the loan could be repaid over a period of three years. For reasons unknown the hospital then demanded repayment in eight months. She filed an won a law suit to restore the repayment schedule to its original terms but in the meantime she has accumulated further bills that require urgent attention, hence this gift.










This 26 year old very new immigrant young couple from Russia will have their first child before they complete language training. This gift will provide them with a baby bed and other minimum requirements for their soon to arrive family addition.









This 74 year old pensioner couple are both seriously ill and require medications that are not included in the government provided “basket”. This gift will provide their personal portion of this need for one year.










This 73 year old widow urgently requires pain stopping dental care that is not within her means. This gift will meet this immediate need.






Beer Sheva



This 36 year old recovering alcoholic lives in a rehabilitation center that retains 75% of his small stipend. He urgently requires full mouth dentures for which he cannot even begin to pay. This gift (paid directly to the dentist) will help him meet this need.







Total Distributions