Olim Fund of the Land of Israel


Monthly distributions for November 2009


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Family Size


Monthly Income

Overview of Situation Funded

†† Gift







A young widow with six young children remarried an older man who became 75% disabled. They are struggling to survive on her part time salary as a nurse along with government support. This gift will pay for one monthís rent and for food after which government support is expected to increase significantly and meet the familyís needs.









The mother of two young children is in her eighth month of pregnancy with their third child and had to quit her job as a baker. In the meantime, her husband is between jobs and will not get a salary for another few weeks. This gift is to cover their current monthís rent.






Kiriyat Yam



This 40 year old single man lost his factory worker job and has now run out of unemployment benefits. He is chronically ill and bedridden and thus unable to look for another job. This gift will pay for his current monthís rent.









This 69 year old widow is 100% deaf in one ear and 90% deaf in the other.

This gift will provide her with a hearing aid which is way beyond her means to purchase herself.









The 46 year old head of this family is a recovering alcoholic who is in rehab that is also training him with an employable skill. In the meantime, the only family income is a miniscule government child support. This gift will help meet their basic survival needs.










This couple in their mid 40ís both lost their jobs and have just run out of unemployment support. They have urgently been looking for new employment but now have no income for basic survival needs. This gift will help them survive in the short term whild they continue to look for work










The 27 year old mother of three contracted MS and was forced to quit her lucrative position as a cook. She has now entered training to become an auditor. Her husband, in his forties, travels each day to Haifa where he has an excellent job with security, however, travel expenses cut deeply into his higher than average income. They may relocate to Haifa after her training is complete in another five months. This gift is for food and clothing.










This 32 year old single woman works part time as a care giver. She currently is in training to become a pharmacist. This gift will help provide her with an urgently needed washing machine.









This couple in their mid 30ís have 11 stair-stepped children. They marginally subsist on his below average salary and government assistance.

This gift is to help them with their very high school expenses for the coming school term









This couple on their early 40ís both lost their jobs, are out of benefits and urgently looking for work. This gift is to replace their refrigerator that is no longer repairable.









This 36 year old single mother works part time as a cook. Her apartment has been sold and she must move but cannot afford three months advance rent and moving expenses. This gift will help offset this expense.









This 52 year old single woman continues unsuccessfully to look for work while subsisting on minimal government support. She is unable to pay for her current monthís rent and utilities. This gift will help meet this need.






Taco (Samaria)



This couple in their mid 20ís are expecting their third child next month.

They recently returned from the United States to once again take up their aliyah which they abandoned for several months. During this time in the States they did not pay their monthly Israeli national insurance and thus owe a large sum before than can again be covered for medical treatment. In the mean time, they are unable to afford the considerable expenses involved with the upcoming birth and to complicate their situation further, they have just learned that the unborn child has a serious medical problem which will further increase their financial crisis. This gift will only partly meet their urgent needs.







SDE Moshe



This couple in their mid 50ís sold their thriving business in the U.S. and made aliyah two years ago. They generously committed to tithe to the Olim Fund from the proceeds of their sale, and did make a generous initial

Payment towards this end. The problem is that the sale has not yet been concluded and the purchaser has run the business into the ground and is unlikely never going to pay what he owes the seller. The seller in the meantime is struggling to establish a winery here in Israel but has run out of money including even the bare needs of everyday survival. This large gift is in effect the Fundís return of a part of their initial gift.








Total Distributions