Israel My Inheritance
by Raymond Robert Fischer

There is currently a war raging in the modern State of Israel that does not involve enemies with manmade weapons. It is an internal struggle for the very soul of a nation and at the heart of the issue is the Messiah. For many years the government of Israel has demonstrated a clear bias against Messianic Believers seeking citizenship, even those with legally acceptable documentation and proof of their Jewish heritage. The government has not only denied citizenship to those who rightfully deserve it, but has also attempted to expel actual citizens, simply based upon their belief in the Messiah described in the New Testament. This secret persecution has largely been hidden . . . until now. Through this important new blockbuster book, Dr. Fischer exposes the blatant hypocrisy that exists in Israel and by doing so, promotes the need for reform. Israel My Inheritance is not only timely, it is long overdue, and is an important read for anyone who is truly concerned about the modern State of Israel.

Israel My Inheritance brings into clear focus a long-standing situation in Israel wherein ethnic Jews who are otherwise fully qualified to receive Israeli citizenship are routinely rejected, solely because of their religious worldview that Yeshua (Jesus) is their Messiah and Lord. I call on all Christians everywhere to pray that this overprotective and unfair policy will be reversed and that all Jews will be allowed to obey their own convictions and biblical understandings as Israeli citizens.
—Pat Boone

In this narrative nonfiction, Israel My Inheritance, author, theologian and born-again Jew, Raymond Robert Fischer, traces the non-fictional history of religious discrimination and persecution imposed upon Jewish believers in Yeshua from the first century to modern times. Follow the intriguing story of Hannah Meyers Silberman and her family, from the Holocaust to contemporary Israel. This compelling story comprised of fictional and non-fictional characters, details historically accurate events. Throughout Hannah’s story, nonfiction segments are interwoven, providing the real-life backdrop for the story.

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Copyright 2011 by Raymond Robert Fischer